Open The Book

This place is a repository of inner thought and outer expression I originally created as a suicide note. It shares my life experiences through words and music, based solely on my perception, i would ask it be regarded as such and used as a tool to understand me once you know me, not to know me. The internet and all distant forms communication define no one truly. The eyes of a person never lie, and that will never change.

No one ever wanted to hear my story in full until now, and currently I do not see much point to it other than someone somewhere may fall through the cracks of society, and learn how to survive, and eventually live, even if but for a few scattered moments in a long hard life. Others may stare in wonder and curiosity on how all this could happen to one person in this day and age in this country. All I can say is it no longer should. People would tell me at a young age struggle has reward. It does not. All we will ever be is what we carve into the chests of every human being we ever knew on the planet. When we are gone we are forgotten. “Dust thou art, and to dust thou shalt return.” Nothing ever said could ever define humanity so simply.