The birth of my first brother.

I make this mark like an unknown grave. This was the birth of my father’s seconds son, Greg. I was to never really know him, just hear stories of him. I suppose the timing was right, my mother remarried maybe he just decided to start again. Either way this was his day, and oh what different but yet so similar a set of lives we would lead. I at least had the benefit of knowing my father at some point, Greg never had a chance. We share the same last name, and we would both acquire different pieces of him. It would be years before we were to be reunited and what seemed like an eternity to realize how badly we needed to love each other. But for now this day, this day is my brothers, and my brothers alone.

Through the years I only heard fragments from uncles etc telling me how Greg’s family wanted nothing to do with me and Greg was a bad seed. Many attempts I made to connect with him, but all seemed in vain. So eventually I let him go in my mind for many years. Always thought of him though, and wished he was well. Turns out later I would have a strong drive to finally find him. But not today, today was his birth and this spot will forever mark that. I also remember my father picking me up a few time and taking me over to his new place with his new family. Somehow even though it should have bothered me as much as my mothers marriage did, it didn’t.

Her name was Mary and she seemed like a nice woman. She smiled a lot but she slept a lot to. I used to play outside with her 2 daughters. Rachel and Rochelle. They were identical twins, also nice to me. I had fun the couple of times I was there and dad wasn’t even around. He was inside the house with Mary doing whatever. The couple of things I do remember was him telling me where she taught her kids how to roll a joint one handed, which I found weird not even knowing what a joint was really. He also told me he had to lay a towel across her stomach to cover a horrible c section scar. Why he told me I will never know. Sometimes the shit he dropped on me was like. ehhh. But that was my dad. Rough edges and raunchy humor. So that as they say is that.