The birth of my 3rd brother.

The length of time in here was so long, so pivotal and yet it is so short. In all of this I hardly even have a memory of the pregnancy the birth, I didn’t even go. But it was on this day, my brother Micah was born. The change in this was I became a full time wet nurse to 2 boys that were destined to kill each other I think from birth. As soon as this child was old enough to know to manipulate the house through my mother he stuck to it learned how to perfect the craft and never quit his profession. I don’t remember a single time I ever liked him. He was an evil retarded lying fuck that got his jollies off of getting us in trouble.

So we learned how to get ours off by beating his fucking ass. Every chance we got. Josef had to room with him so he was just that much more intent on killing him. Josef has since tried to squash their beef, I haven’t spoken a word to him. He is the only blood relative I have that I wouldn’t piss out if he was on fire. Whoever he is lying, using manipulating or con jobbing these days best of luck to him. He needs to rot in hell with all the rest of the shit in this world. One day I hope you read this and say fuck you too, because the feelings mutual. Ungrateful, lying piece of fake shit prick. I don’t give a fuck how many bars are on your g-man monkey suit, I’ll still kick your fucking ass. Pussy stays pussy you dick sucking faggot no matter how many badges and stickers you get for being cannon fodder for Halliburton. Your momma probably still saves your ass even when you get a paper cut in whatever faggot peacetime base you beg to stay in.

I doubt you will see to much of him in this I just don’t even like talking about him. However if I deleted every asshole out of this memoir I would nothing to write.