Age 32- A negative plus a negative does and can truley equal a positive.

My unemployment finally ran out, and I picked up some work with a company called leamy electric. That owner was a complete scumbag, in fact me and my co worker Steve used to call him scumbag Larry. He tried to pay me with drugs, he screwed me with a lousy 1099 when he said he would pay under the table. He was just a complete asshole. But he had work and he paid money some of the time, I had to do something. My co worker Steve and Larry were both fucking coke heads and that made work life extremely interesting. Instead of even stressing about it, I just did my shit and went home. I was still looking for a job when I was wasting my time with those assholes. Hardly worth writing about, but it was part of me. I guess I have to mention it.

My uncle randy died this year as well, The funeral was tough. His son showed up late with his daughter, and well you know they were drunk. What else is new. Another eagle dying way to young, blind drunk, and alone. His wife Linda was a mess ever since. I stayed with him every Friday until he died.

My days during the week were with those fucks , my afternoons till dinner were helping the grandparents around the house, tending the garden mowing the lawn fixing breaking shit whatever, my evening were with raw and everquest. Late nights were with raw online, Monday night was the radio show (I think), the weekend was at raw’s apartment with Kai. When we went out, we had fun. We got a sitter from my uncle randy, the nurse that was with him until he died. We just kept growing, and I was probably the happiest I ever was in my life to that point. It felt like everything all my life was what all this totaled out to. This was

just an amazing year. What I didn’t know was what was lurking in the background. More was being hidden from me than I knew. It was all gunpowder filling a keg, and the barrel was starting to bulge. But still, it was quite a year. Even if it was blissfully ignorant. I just had it all I felt, I felt strong, Strong enough for anything.

  • broken halves really did make a whole.