The Marriage

The wedding day started off like shit, literally. Her fucking mother was bitching about the sink clog in the bathroom and I spent half the morning snaking the fucking drain. Guests were showing up and I wasn’t even in my suit yet. Thank Christ for the flask of crown royal I had. A couple of days before my brother made a request for my lasagna and I made it for the wedding day. I made it in his kitchen a few days before believe me I wasn’t touching shit in that kitchen, it looked like it needed the EPA involved. Karen was outside burning all the barbecue and Tammy had her friend Megan as her bridesmaid. Nice girl, I liked her almost off the bat. So they were doing the girly thing and I met the preacher. A biker named 8o proof. Well fuck it, we wanted it short and sweet, not a lot of

bible shit. The idea was to get married not go to church.

The day was bitter cold I couldn’t fucking believe it for Texas. Should have been a sign really, but hey this was going down and I was fucking happy. Smiling away I finally found my life mate. All those years all my adventures, all I been through, and here she was, man did she ever look beautiful. She was literally glowing that day, I didn’t once ever see her not smiling. I was very proud. We never got to dance to our wedding song, we skipped it due to the weather, the cake cutting was with a military saber, which I almost put through my wife when she wanted to put cake on me. My brother joe gave the best man speech, and it was really something special. Cleaning up the house best we could for it, all the arguing between raw and Karen, all the fussing came down to this. It was all worth it.

Then there was Matthew, he looked sounded and just acted like absolute shit. He was all depressed because he was in love with a girl and was chatting her up (with my cell phone by the way) out in my van and was rejected or whatever. My first thought is what a selfish piece of shit. My second thought was well, he’s been through a lot and he’s obviously got some problems. Serious problems. Give it some time, this is your day. No point in trashing it.

Aside from family we had a few bikers show up, friends of Karen, and Tony and Kate. Some fellow swingers my wife knew. She knew Tony from school. I liked them they were nice people. Karen was making promises to give away all the beer I bought, fuck it whatever. I forget what we ultimately did with it, but we did end up giving it away for a good cause.

But the isle, the walk. I just don’t know how to describe how I felt, just looking at her was just about as wonderful as the first night I saw her. She looked good. I said my vows and considered myself reborn. I never at that point accepted my wife as a part of my family, I more felt I was a part of hers now. I wasn’t worried about what i was giving away, i never met anyone worth having it more in all my life. I was in it all the way. All the way.

The bachelor/bachelorette party was decided by my fiance’ to be done together was spent in Austin with Megan, It was a real fun time, lot of bars and a really good Italian restaurant. It really was a great time. A lot of good local bands. The college crowd. We were a bit old for the scene but who cares.

We spent the weekend at the Shiloh in Killeen, had a intimate gathering planned with a female as well, turned out we ended up with a woman who had sex with my wife while I watched. I wasn’t to worried about it, it was still kind of fun, I just felt she could have planned it a little better than that.

We never danced to this song, but I would have liked to. I wanted it for our wedding song. So here it is. I waited all my life to say this to someone, and mean it. I heard it in my fathers’ car when i was a little boy. He had rumors on 8 track. I thought it was the prettiest voice i ever heard, the prettiest words ever said. The prettiest moment I could ever have. Just like my wife that day. Just like her.

The Engagement

I told raw what happened at conaway and the shock, the whole story, and I wanted to be out there with her. She said we couldn’t live in that house either unless we were married. I thought of all that I felt up there and took it as a sign. I called and asked her mother first, I at least wanted some kind of approval. She said basically whatever she didn’t care. Good enough, so I called Raw I said let’s do it, let’s get married. She said she was going to ask me on Christmas anyway, I said fuck it why not now? I’m not saying we need to change the way we live and what we do, I don’t want to, I just know in all I am and all we done and all we survived I know in my heart you will never leave me, and I will never want to

leave you. I want to grow old with you, I want to die with you. I want us now, I will want us forever. So it was.

I broke the news to my mother, she broke it to Jim, they both agreed they would not bless the marriage. My first response was, what a shock, so what? I told them it’s my life , it’s my choice. I can do this with or without you, I have with her long enough, it was either she wasn’t the one and I needed to set her free to find him. I’d die for her if it was required, I would bust every bone in my body to keep this alive, I would love her anywhere in the world, any way she was, any way she wanted it. She stood by me and fought to stay with me, she was the genie in the bottle that granted every wish I ever had. Fuck you people, walk behind or walk on.

October was spent in Kempner planning and doing crafts, even Karen got involved. It became a little bigger than I thought it be, I didn’t have any more money for anything that big. But she did pay for the wedding cake, the crafts for decorations, the food. I think she was even kind of into it. They seemed to be getting along better at least from where I was. I agreed to buy the beer and to help cover the cost with what I could, but I didn’t pay for shit i didn’t ask for. Not to mention she owed me for the vehicle she didn’t get fucking repossessed thank you very much.

On my end it was getting a vehicle. I was still driving jims old truck, and I needed to buy it or something. Well the parents got together and just so happened to have one available. The homeless ministry my parents were involved in picked up homeless people for church in a Chevy g 20 camper van. Evidently they needed to upgrade to a bus, so they did, and they gave me the van as a wedding present. It needed a radiator, a water pump, power window motors,, a new power mirror and Jesus a fumigation. The fn thing was filthy. Well I had more time than money, so off I went to fix this fn thing, By the time i got done it was in a decent livable condition. So out came the stuff from the shed and all my shit. My parents even threw in my little brothers go-Kart. They certainly had the property for it.

The last thing before i left was to quit everquest. I was growing sick of it because the game developers were really fucking the game up. It just wasn’t fun anymore, and I knew I had way bigger fish to fry, i was to be a family man now, so now it was time to give up my solo life shit and devote it all where it belonged.

So goodbye to Georgia, we drove down then parents went down to see my brother joe and his family, and I was dropped off at the ranch. Karen and Jim had a few words, you could cut the tension with a butter knife. But fuck it I was home. Home, how untrue I was to find out that was. I met the grandfather who was not quite bedridden, but you could tell he was sick. The pool was ruined due to a flood in the yard, nobody bothered to save it. The whole house was a flaming shit hole, boxes of junk and crap everywhere. The sun room leaked and reeked of mold. The Garage? forget it. Rooms jam packed with junk, mess everywhere, roaches, dirty clothes filthy kitchen, a backed up septic system nobody could fix, a leaky roof, rats, snakes, scorpions. All the shit she had stored from alien street just about ruined. Our washer and dryer was sold, but hey she had a busted set to give us that the rats chewed apart. Also busted Projection TV. I don’t think there was anything in this house that was not fucked. If it was worth anything it was hoarded in Karen’s room.

Jim and my mother invited the entire family of raw’s to a high fucking priced thanksgiving dinner. This was the grandfather, the mother, Raw, Kai, Matt, Joe and Cody, also my brother and his whole family. My mother fell in love with the grandchildren and the grown-ups didn’t say none to much. The grandfather I remember kept telling Karen to get catfish, Karen would reply now the doctor said… he just shut her up and said catfish. That was funny, but the funniest was Matthew, but not so funny. He ate way to much, and when it came to dessert he got one of everything. He spent the rest of the time throwing up in the bathroom. That’s when I first noticed something was not right about him. I mean like not normal right. Everyone has the good sense to stop eating. But he was to impulsive to gluttonous, something was just screwed up. Some kind of bad wiring. It added on to my first impressions of him and his anger, and his talks to me about all the men his mom dated before me when they left florida. Well, it didn’t look like the wife was doing much and I was the head of the house. Time to set the example. But first things first, I do