I know your fucking name

I have looked at you my whole life you mother fucker.

I know your name now

I have been tricked by you in every failure, in every loss, you are the very knife that plunges right to my soul I know you now.

I know all my sorrow, I know all my pain, I know all my struggles, but you, you are the one I could never conquer.

You drove me into the deepest darkest shadow, and as I fight back to the light I can feel you, clawing, tearing. I feel your weight on my chest like 3 tons of steel. But I know you now.

I know who you are, and now that I do I will face you, I will beat you.

It’s just you and me now, and now I know your name.

Rejection is the name of you. You are the spirit I must drive out and I swear by death I will do it. For the first time in many years. I will choose to hate. I hate you you vile nasty plague of everything I ever could have been.

All these years of loathing humanity, you fucking tricked me. I loathe you. You will be the final battle. My closure, my end, my beginning.

I’m not afraid anymore. I fill my empty void with hate, but now that hate is where it belongs. It belongs with you.

Fuck you, and everything you ever stood for.