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HI SON. I JUST FOUND THE INTERNET LINK WITH ALL THE FILES SO HERE IT IS FOR YOU .The apprehension I had was my own thoughts that you would be upset with me but when I  about it this morning I was going to get Jim to put them back on Dropbox for you but when I went to the teachers website I saw where he put them on a link.  

I don’t believe in extending grace for personal flaws or inadequacies any longer. There are those who know and understand the power of unconditional love. I myself just recently became aware that true unconditional love is a trinity of 3 emotions in unblemished, non flawed harmony. Forgiveness  being the first,  represented by the Man or even God as we understand him. Without the leader deity or elder being able to teach this, or lead by this to the other 2, the foundation of this house will crack due to sub standard building.

The second would be love, provided by the mother, or God the son or perhaps even just as simply put as the second point of the triad. The unconditional love of a female in its purist form is superior to all others in this world, but it must be fed and nurtured and mixed with the purity of the mans forgiveness for her failures mentally and flaws due to the emotional imbalance and intensity this feeling can produce. Love is taught to the man, forgiveness is taught to the woman. This mixture of purity harmony and balance creates the most important foundation of any unified relationship between a man and a woman and enables us to understand why we are more powerful as a whole than by ourselves. Love places the woman in a secondary position on the outside, But a man cannot learn unconditional forgiveness without the purity of unconditional love. One can just as easily taint the other.

Which brings us to our 3rd, Faith. Or even hope. The faith of a little child. Unconditional belief that in life, this is who you want. This is who you want to be with, grow with, die with. The unification of the father and mother role in perfection can only be achieved on a daily basis with the affirmation in this unconditional faith concerning the purity of the two. Or the spirit if you like. Anything short of this will bring down the balance of your heart, destroy your family, or condemn your faith in anything. I could go on for hours concerning the details but the point is this.

Anger is a lack of forgiveness, and your husband should be teaching it to you. Learn it from him, or encourage his growth with love to find it for himself.  No one persons specifics, or hocus pocus is going to rubber stamp a cure for anger. But what is written above is the fundamental core to complete the balance and trinity not only inside of yourself, but your family as well.

Of course this is all my own philosophy, take it for what that means. But I have exercised it, and it is working.

Your children lack faith in you both. Take a deep read to the above and you will know why that is and how to repair it.

My mother’s reply was as follows:

Thanks again for taking the time to address the email I sent you regarding the Anger PP link. Your keen Emotional Intelligence  having the ability to control un-healthy emotions and not allowing them to wreak havoc in our lives is very influential and I have taken many points into consideration as I should have paid more attention in Psychology class in high school instead of writing love notes to your dad. 

From all that you have been thru though I believe that God only knows the real you underneath all the intelligence that your natural man  gained by being exposed to what this world has to offer in Philosophical wisdom.  You make very valid points that will help anyone who in my opinion has not had the Miracle of a New Heart which is God’s Radical Cure for Spiritual death to the inherently selfish,judgmental of others,calloused, proud, thereby acknowledging at the end of the day that when we look within, we discover that we are loveless at heart.

 I believe God does not reform our carnal nature but puts it on the cross that Jesus paid the price in full for our sin nature .Then He places in us a radically new nature based on the Spirit and resurrection life in His Son. The ability in my view to truly love comes by the miracle of God. As we live in Jesus ,we find life,love, light,truth,and salvation from the hell of a loveless and angry heart in my case. 

You believe you have been successful in what you are doing and I believe you have by the best way and means possible within your frame of mind  but for me the advice you gave me will not work for me unless the miracle of a new heart takes place and others will see and feel the fragrance of a life that is transformed from the knowledge of good and evil to seeing everything with the new eyes of agape love.

 Your email was touching me until after re reading it a few times my heart would go limp when I read your words “hocus pocus” that if that was meant to mean that the Christian Minister at the end would pray then all the prayers in the Holy Bible are as you say. That leaves  me with feeling that you threw your good advice to a bad underlying message  that conflicts with what I do that works for me and all believers as there are hundreds of prayers in the Holy Bible.

 I have said to you a long time ago that someday you will write a book that will be not about you but all about The Miracle of  what God has done and is doing and will do for you. Now that will be a story that I will love to read and tell. Lets keep this Mother and Son dialogue going in care and concern for one another. Back to you.

My reply was as follows:

My response was multi faceted. I personally have never experienced the effects of a true miracle, or the power of prayer. I only speak from what I do know to work. Even though I see so many try to walk in this impossible demand of what the bible teaches, I see nothing but failure, remorse for that failure, and a downward spiral of low self worth, isolation and despair because they cannot meet the criteria. If the validation is through the trinity as a spiritual connection of it, or the power of the holy number 3 as others believe, or even something just as simple as the family unit it is also there to be substituted.

If prayer works for the individual, then keep doing it. I certainly do not laugh how people handle their own lives in peace and harmony. However when it does not work for others, I offer an alternative. It may work for them it may not.  If something done does not prove a long term sustained result of true change or growth in someone’s life, I would no longer encourage it and ask the individual to seek other means. What your reading to me is something I experienced many times in my life in the past. Someone telling me “OH you just didn’t do this right, or differently, or good enough.” Let me do it, do it more often, do it like you mean it, followed by yet another pile of excuses on why all of that failed to work. I hope what your doing works, I personally believe the answers to all of our issues are inside of us along with the tools our creator provided to grow and repair and change, They are already and always have been there. No outside force needed.

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